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ANNY Virtual Events

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Create an account at or sign on to our discord server:

Enter the ANNY Virtual Events Space

Create an Account at and click the portal buttons to enter!More information about ANNY:

Thank you for being here.

We are hosting online events in our ANNY Virtual Events Space, a web based Virtual Reality Platform accessible on Mac, PC, and Mobile. No VR headset is required. 

Please feel free to explore the space and chat with attendees. There are many rooms and multiple worlds to explore.

If you have technical difficulties consult our Troubleshooting Page at the end of the packet.

Join our DISCORD Server for questions & news, and general support! 

See you in the ANNY Virtual Events Space!

CLICK HERE for a complete list of keyboard and device controls.

Platform Technical Requirements


Platform is accessible on most modern Browsers. It works best in Firefox and Chrome, but it also runs on Edge and desktop Safari.


Platform is accessible on PC, Mac, and Mobile. 

We request you use a headset and give access to your camera for the ANNY Exchange Networking Musical Chairs Events.


Supported media types are PDF files, images, 3D models, audio, video, webcam input, and screen sharing.

To use a PowerPoint, you can convert it to a PDF file and import it directly into a room, or you can use screen sharing to stream a view of your presentation into a room.

Platform Troubleshooting

I have generally bad performance in a room on an otherwise powerful computer. Confirm that your browser has hardware acceleration enabled. This will allow your browser to utilize the graphics card, which is important for rendering the platform with better performance. 

Page is blank. If you are using Internet Explorer, try opening the website on another browser. If it doesn’t appear on other pages, try clearing your cache and cookies for that page.

Audio sounds choppy. If you are on a mobile phone, you may find audio quality and performance improves if you enter the room from a more powerful device, such as a computer. If you aren’t getting any audio at all, try reconnecting to the room with a different audio output device.

Mic not working If no sound is being picked up from your voice, first check that your mic is properly plugged in and that you selected the right mic in the browser permissions (typically to the left of the address bar). If it is still not working, you may need to look in the privacy and security settings on your computer to ensure that mic permissions are not being blocked. If it still does not work, try in another browser. If the mic is picking up your voice but it sounds distorted. Check you aren’t using a bluetooth headset mic, as these do not always work well with browser-based tools.

If you are still having technical difficulties, send us an email at [email protected]